Thursday, May 31, 2007

where trouble melts like a lemon drop

Everytime I go through the photos of Chris and Gayle's wedding I'm struck by two things: their big love and their big group of loving A-type friends. To say the least, my trip to Maui was fanfuckingtastic and needed. Weddings are usually slightly bittersweet (and too short), at least that's how I feel as I get older and more nostalgic. Like when oh when will I be the girl in white (common ladies, admit it, you think this too). Or damn, I've had too many shooters. Or wow, that person is awesome, why can't we be friends in the same city, for more than 6 hours?

But the big advantage of this wedding wasn't only the hot and beautiful location, but the intense amount of time we all spent together. The wedding itself felt like it was all week, not just the ceremony day. Not only did I take 3 weeks off from my life, but I parachuted into my old friend Gayle's for as long. So rad. We hadn't hung out this much since 1st year university. I was also lucky enough to stay in the 'wedding house' or Hale Lele. Staying in such a large, immaculate villa with 17 other people and a constant flow of family, children and Calgarians was a total privilege. It was also like a cross between summer camp and MTV Cribs. Every day someone organised some sort of activity. Since we were right across from the beach and everyone had varying levels of sun tolerance, I could always find someone to come grow melanoma with me at least once or twice a day. I can't wait to see all of my new friends when I hit cowtown in June or when they come to Vancouver in the future. Chris, Gayle, can I poach your friends and family?

Me with the newlyweds.

Both before and after the wedding week, I travelled solo, with friends, new and old. This marked my 4th big journey with the Jeetsinator. As ever she was the most fun and faithful friend I could've had in the passenger seat. I was so sad to see her off at the airport. We're already talking about our next trip (dirty 30 in Maui, girls?).

Other highlights, not photographed but etched in my brain forever:

  • Sunset on Olinda road with a Swisser, a Cana-merican and Frenchman. We packed up some red wine, cheese and apples to watch the sun set over the west part of the island. The sugar cane fields of Central Maui streched before us. So did rolling cattle fields and the north/south shore. A stellar 180 degree view for sure.
  • Snorkelling in Makena - both with Gayle and Tanya, Stephanie (my apologies for the disatourous brevity of our session) and Eric. Lava and corral go so well together. learning to suf with Jeets - can't wait for our Tofino trip at the end of July!
  • the road beyond Hana - Kipahaulu bulls and all (see above).
  • Falling 4 times - none of which due to any athletic activity, unless you count hiking to a nudie beach, rolling on my already swollen ankle in reaction to naked surfers.
  • Devon's modified version of JBJ's "Bed of Roses" and right as rain version of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. (Listen here)
  • Sangria times at Hale Lele and the Rainbow's End Surf Hostel.
  • The sound of crickets and geckos at night.
  • Kimo's Mai Tais with the girls in Lahaina (see photo below).
  • Falling in love with Jack Johnson all over again.
  • Watching parts of 50 First Dates at the hostel (and becoming obssessed with aforementioned ukelele version of "Somewhere..."

I promise this is the last of the Maui blogs for a while.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Maui yum!Some photos from my trip below (above: giving the geckos a cheeky bum tickle, Paia). It's been a week exactly since I returned and not a drop of rain here in Vancouver. Summer's in bloom and so are the lilies that Elly just bought me! Top to bottom: The view from Hana Lani treehouse (aka bug bites bungalow), euphemism of the year award goes to this sign from the Kekehili 'Highway' on the Northwest coast, fire dancers from the naked hippie drum circle at little beach, getting godly in Lahaina.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

dropping in

Now I know why people live like paupers and travel to corners f the earth to catch waves. Yesterday for an early birthday pressie Jeets purchased us a surf lesson. It rocked. James I now understand you. Well, a little bit.

Anyone want to surf sister it up on July long weekend. Jeet's is hooked. She was the star pupil, standing every time and even carved. I with my grace and poise fell usually after gliding for about 7 feet max. BUT I'M OKAY WITH THIS. My biggest feat was catching two waves on my very own lonesome with out the instructor's push. Dropping in they call it. My brother Braede would've been proud of his big, clumsy sister.

The wedding kicked major ass. The bride and groom were amazing as was their house, ceremony, flower children and Nelly Furtado's Maneater dance routine (look for youtube soon).

Back to the beach....

Friday, May 04, 2007

hugging corners

The Miranda Maui tourism checklist:
X Sunburn (forearms, backs of calves)
X Afternon beers
X Sand in eyes
X Snorkeling with Las Vegas-brite fish
X Hike to waterfall
X splashed by big ass ocean wave on the edge of a lava field
X Rendezvous with generous canadian friends of friends

Today marks the 10,570 day of my life (29 years less 15 days). I celebrated this day by doing a few things I normally wouldn't/shouldn't. I'll start with the first 'shouldn't': the drive from my hostel in Pai'a to Kapalua, Maui (USA) along the Kahekili (Kah-hay-kee-lee) highway.

So far, Maui is treating me swell. I've bathed on his shores, snorkeled in his bays and gotten a slight spanking from the sun. I've wandered the streets of Kihei, Wailuku, Paia and Haku welcomed, aloha'ed. Freshwater waterfalls and chubby southerners have shown me hospitality unique to the 'world's greatest nation'. Sometimes, if ignore the Americans, it feels a little like South Africa. The flora is that similar.

But today I pushed it. I started a journey without consulting a local or my guide book or my rental car insurance policy. I drove Highway 340 between Kahului and Kapalua. I will never do this again. The road was nothing short of horrific and basically a cow trail along the side of a moutain with a little asphalt on top. It was about 20 miles of hair pin hell. Most of the time the road was single lane, with the tiniest of shoulders. Often there was not shoulder and nothing but a small cactus or wispy chinese fan palm tree between me and vertical jungle. Maui is full of lush gulches. Which is fine, if you're not trying to navigate them in a car.

When I finally finised my journey just outside of Kapalua, I checked the LP. It' said that they highway was usually left off a lot of tourist maps due to it's treacherousness. The LP'ers also noted that most rental car companies forbid their renters to drive it. Including mine. Oi.

So I rewarded myself by downloading my hell drive on a Korean keyboard in an air-conitioned cafe, drinking capuccino. As if I need any more of a caffeine kickstart today.

In all Maui is fabulous. Paia has been my home for the last few days. I've met some quiet Norweigans, graceful french windsurfers and the odd, old horny Californian. Kihei will be my base for the next few days. From what I've seen of it, there are a lot of GC lookalikes roaming the pristine beaches. (Slightly bloated, licorice red sunburns and goofy half-drunk smiles). I'm stoked to join them.