Wednesday, July 18, 2007

pa Afrika

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!

Today is one of my favourite days of the year. If you ever have the opportunity to be in South Africa on Madiba's birthday, it's a humbling experience. The love that South Africans feel for this man will warm the coldest heart of the most cynical political pundit. In Canada, the closest we have may be our feelings towards Trudeau or Pearson. Mandela's one of the few leaders the world has. All of the icons are gone, but he still stands - fist raised, 1000 watt smile beaming across his grandpa face.

In other news, Wooster reminded me of a crazy email forward I received a couple years back. The email subject was "I love Africa" and had a bunch of photo attachments depicting every day African life: donkeys pulling half trucks, petrol stations closed due to gas shortages and dudes taking their hyenas for a walk. Check out Pieter Hugo's exhibition for more hyena action.


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